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After searching for years for that Dentist that you have a great rapport with and that you can trust, we came across Dr. Sirotnik. We have been with him now for over 8 years and couldn’t be more satisfied. Not only is the quality of treatment we receive there great, but the friendly staff is more like an extended family making you feel comfortable while waiting.

He is the only Dentist we have ever had that we actually look forward to seeing. He makes the treatment pleasurable because of his great sense of humor and excellent work.

We hope to be his patients for many years to come.

Dale and Mary

I have been Dr. Sirotnik’s patient since 1976! For 33 years (and counting) he has taken exceptionally good care of my teeth, always taking great care to do the best possible work on them. He takes the time to listen and work with me on a long term dental health strategy. I trust his judgment and I know that he always has his patient’s best interest at heart. I look forward to having Dr. Sirotnik care for my teeth for another 33 years. With his help and guidance, I have the best chance of keeping all my teeth for three more decades.


Dr. Sirotnik has been our family dentist for over 20 years. He does expert work – never a problem with any of the fillings, caps, and other processes. The staff is friendly and helpful—always providing a “reminder” call and doing their best to accommodate our busy schedules.

I recommend this office without any hesitation, especially for people like me who have been traumatized by dentists in the past…and really, it doesn’t hurt.


I have come to Dr. Sirotnik since I was three years old. He is the best dentist ever. I enjoy coming here because Dr. Sirotnik wears shoes with springs in them!

Choki (an 8-year old)

My family and I have been going to Dr. Sirotnik for over 30 years. I am one of the world’s greatest wimps when it comes to dental procedures, and am very appreciative of Dr. Sirotnik’s patience and empathy as well as his skill. I highly recommend him.


I have known Dr. Sirotnik all my life. I was never afraid of the dentist as a kid and even enjoyed coming to his office to see all the really nice nurses and get my teeth cleaned with the amazing raspberry toothpaste. Around the time I got my first cavity I was terrified of injections, but when Dr. Sirotnik finally convinced me that it was necessary to be numbed, I did not feel the shot at all. Even today I hate injections from the regular doctor, but I know that when I come to the dentist I am in perfectly capable hands.


I have been a more than satisfied client of Dr. Sirotnik for close to seventeen years. His work is first-rate, his staff excellent, efficient, and friendly. He goes out of his way to provide the most up-to-date procedures at affordable prices. I have enthusiastically recommended Dr. Sirotnik’s services to my family and friends, and they, too, return year after year.


Dr. Sirotnik and his staff provide superb personalized and professional dental care. My family (myself, my husband, and 2 children) have been patients of Dr. Sirotnik for 8 years. The entire staff is warm and friendly. They take the time to explain the procedures and what we need to do to take care of our teeth. The care and health of our teeth are in great hands. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Sirotnik’s practice to anyone in need of a dentist.


Dr. Sirotnik and staff have been serving my needs for over 25 years. Dr. Sirotnik is not only a very caring person, he is an excellent dentist. I travel all the way from Orange County for my visits and will not consider changing dentists that are closer to me. Also, he has never caused me any pain during any dental procedure.


I had not been to the dentist in quite a few years and then I started to have a toothache. I kept putting it off because, "no one likes to go to the dentist....the shots, drills.." My dad found a dentist and highly recommended him, so I went. Turns out I need a root canal. Perfect! I was amazed when I was numbed before the injection...and even more amazed when I had NO PAIN after or the day after!!!
The Doctor even called, himself, the next day, to check on me. His staff is warm and they make you feel right at home. They know you by your first name when you walk in the door. I drive 45 minutes to an hour just to get there!


I want to express my appreciation to Dr. Robert Sirotnik and all the office
staff who made my visits such a pleasant experience. I have always been
uncomfortable visiting the dentist but Dr. Sirotnik made me feel very
relaxed and comfortable. Now that I have the smile to show for it. I often
tell my friends that visiting Dr. Sirotnik is a painless and artistic dental
work experience. Thanks to all of the office staff for making me so
comfortable through the visit. I now feel like I'm coming to visit a good
friend, rather than just a dentist.

My beautiful smile has enhanced my professional life, and the staff there
have certainly changed my outlook on visiting the dentist. What a wonderful
place with so many caring people - - I'm not just saying that. I feel like
I'm a part of the family.

A very special thanks to each and every one of you from my heart.

High School Councelor

Dr. Sirotnik was recommended to me by a very medically sophisticated professor when I first arrived in Riverside 10 years ago. I have been a very happy and well-cared-for patient of Dr. Sirotnik ever since. I recommend him very highly to all.


Dr. Sirotnik, a personal friend, has been my dentist for many years. He is friendly, warm, caring, and competent, as is his entire staff. He is also wonderful with children. Dr. Sirotnik keeps current on dental practices and equipment. I would and do highly recommend him to anyone.


Have you ever wondered what happened to professional integrity? You wait forever for an appointment only to wait forever in the waiting room.
This is such an important consideration for me that I actually drive 100 miles to keep my "always on time" appointments with Dr. Sirotnik.

Dr. Sirotnik is extremely competent and caring. He and his office take care of all my dental needs in a very professional manner. The office provides a very pleasant atmosphere that makes me (almost) happy to be there.

As a professional in health care myself and an author, I can share with you that I am not easily pleased...but I am extremely happy and pleased with the services provided by Dr. Sirotnik and his staff.


"I rate going to the dentist up there with waterboarding. However, Dr. Sirotnik has never caused me pain and he tolerates my fears and tension with grace and humor."


I find Dr. Sirotnik to be very dependable, professional, and courteous; he does a good job and has a gentle touch as I seldom experience any pain. In fact, I think highly enough of him to go out of my way, because there are many other dental offices more convenient to my home. I've been a patient for more than 10 years, even though it's not always easy to stick with one dentist through the many insurance plan changes I've been forced to undergo over the years.

The hygienist and assistants are courteous and do a very good job. The office staff is courteous, friendly, timely with reminders and promptly handle all insurance matters. Dr. Sirotnik's practice offers up-to-date technology, and the latest treatments. The office is clean and well-maintained, the staff is organized, and from my viewpoint, appears to be a well run business.

I would recommend Dr. Sirotnik to anyone looking for a good and caring dentist!


My spouse and I have been long-time patients of Dr. Robert Sirotnik. Dr. Sirotnik and his entire office staff have provided us with consistent, courteous and professional service.
Dr. Sirotnik's dentistry is recommended to our friends and colleagues without hesitation. The office music (and Dr. Sirotnik's knowledge of the music) is always an added bonus.

Barbara G.

I've been a patient of Dr. Sirotnik since I was a teen in the 1970's. Of course, over the years I've moved numerous times but have never considered switching dentists.
My youngest child once asked, "why do we drive past so many dentists to get to Riverside?" The answer is, you find someone you like, who knows what they are doing, you stick with them.
We all love the staff and the professional and friendly manner in which we are treated. How many people can say they love visiting their dentist like your patients do?


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